40th Birthday Cakes

This order was done as a surprise for ‘Anita’.  Anita was turning 40.  Along with some good friends and family, a surprise Birthday party was planned and executed.  I was told the evening will be along the theme of Arabian nights and belly dancers will be featured.  In addition, Anita’s favourites are the colour purple,  handbag as accessories, favourite holiday destination is the beach in particular, Phuket and she is also a Tokyo girl!!  Along with the LBD, wine and belly dancing costume; this is what I came up with.  Happy 40th Anita!  I hope you had as enjoyable a time at your party as I did in creating your cupcakes and cake.

The handbag collection


The beach/Phuket collection

The Tokyo collection

The entire collection


One thought on “40th Birthday Cakes

  1. Yes, I did enjoy my party….The cake was fabulous- a delightful sight to behold and a joy to eat! Thanks for making my birthday sweeter….

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