Frequently Asked Questions


  • What type of cakes do you make?

All my cakes are either a butter cake (vanilla) or chocolate cake.  I do not offer sponge cakes as they are not stable enough for any stacking or carving into 3D shapes.  Vanilla butter cake is filled with vanilla buttercream while the chocolate cake is filled with chocolate buttercream.

  • What is the big difference in your cakes as to the ones I can purchase from the shops?

The biggest difference is the flavour.  I use ingredients just like you would in your own home.  There is no commercial artificial ingredients (e.g. emulsifiers) or its substitutes involved.  It would taste like how you would have made it at home yourself with ingredients you can easily find in your pantry or fridge.  In addition, my cakes are never frozen.  Each one is made to order.

  • Why are your cakes ‘TRANS FAT” free?

I do not use any margarine in any of the cakes and only use USA imported CRISCO shortening (trans fat free) for the icing.  No other shortenings are used in the entire cake.

  • Can I have any other flavour besides chocolate or butter cake?

Currently, I only offer these two flavours as I do not use artificial flavourings to flavour my cakes.  However if there is a very large order, I can offer other flavours where I can source fresh ingredients.  Advance notice is required.  Please contact me to discuss further.

  • Do you do rainbow cake?

I do not offer rainbow cake on the inside, however if you would like a rainbow (out of icing) on the cake, not a problem.

  • Gluten free? Dairy free? Egg free? Nut free?

My cakes are NOT gluten, dairy or egg free.  All my cakes are nut free.   In the long-term, I plan to explore the gluten, dairy and egg free options further and come up with a viable and stable cake that will allow me to continue my creativity.

  • Are your cakes ‘Halal’?

My cakes do not contain any alcohol or animal products – including the store bought fondant.  However as a home baker, I do not possess a ‘Halal’ certificate but have many repeat Muslim customers.

  • Do you do any cake theme?

I will try my best to do a theme that you are after, even if it is one that I have not done before.  Once you have decided on the theme, we can discuss further and I will come up with some suggestions for you.

  • Do you do adult themed (X rated) cakes?

Yes I do, however photos are not posted on this site as I have a large number of children that visits this blog.  Please contact me to discuss further.

  • Do you do “photo-printed” cakes?

I do not do any “photo-printed” cakes for copyright reasons.  Please contact a large bakery that has the individual license for this.  However, I will make you any ‘themed’ design to the best of my ability and interpretation.  Check out the different ‘themed’ cakes in this blog for samples.

  • Can you do a simple round cake for me without any theme?

Yes I can.  However I do specialise in themed cakes and therefore a simple round/square cake will still have a minimum charge.


  • Which country are you in?

I am happily baking in sunny Singapore!

  • Do you offer delivery?

I can offer limited delivery service for a small fee on both weekdays and weekends subject to availability.

Delivery fees range from $10-$30 depending on location.  I do not deliver to Sentosa, Tuas or any Singapore defence locations.

You are most welcome to pickup from my place at a mutually convenient time.

  • Where is the pickup location?

Pickup location is between Lentor Ave and Yio Chu Kang Road.  Nearest MRT station is Yio Chu Kang.

  • How much advance notice do I need to order my cake?

As soon as you have decided on your theme and approximate number of servings needed, you should contact me.  3D cakes will require more planning and execution time.  Most weekends are fully booked several weeks in advance while weekdays offers more flexibility. Contact me to enquire.


  • Where do I find pricing for your cakes?

Unfortunately there is no standard price as each cake design is unique and customised for you.  The cake price is calculated based on complexity (number of hours involved) and size.  As I am a lone baker, I do not have any staff overheads and therefore prices are kept as low as possible without substituting quality.

  • How do we make payment?

Once we have agreed on the final details of your cake, I will send you an order confirmation.  From there a 50% deposit is required via bank transfer to secure the order.  Remaining payment is COD/pickup.


  • How do I store the cake once it is delivered or picked up?

If it is a buttercream cake, please store in the refrigerator.

If it is a fondant cake, please store in a wine chiller or a small air-conditioned room (<20C).  Keeping a fondant cake in the fridge will cause it to sweat profusely in Singapore’s humid climate upon taking out and subsequently a colour run may occur (very similar to mascara and tears!).  Additionally, fondant will go hard when it is placed in the fridge.  I will always try an accommodate my customer’s party plans and deliver close to the party start time.


  • Do you offer any other products like cookies, cake pops or macaroons?

Not at the moment as the Birthday cakes keeps me busy.


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