About InaCakes

Ina Cakes came about when I unsuccessfully tried to buy my daughter a Birthday cake.  We are from Australia and we are used to home baked cakes or butter and chocolate cakes as they are more commonly known.  We struggled to find a cake shop in Singapore that sold Birthday cakes that were not full of air and had some  flavour.  On top of that my daughter being 4 at the time wanted a special design for her cake.

Being a mother that has always enjoyed baking back home, I decided to create her Birthday cake.  Yes, with home-bake recipes and a fancy design!  This cake (castle) is in the gallery and it was my first attempt at any cake that was not plain round.

Since then friends have asked me over and over again to bake their Birthday cakes for their children.  I decided to do some additional training in cake decorating and I still use the same home-bake cake recipe I used for that castle cake for all my cakes today.

I enjoy the challenge of new designs and love it when people ask me to create a cake inspired by their child’s favourite show or activity.  I like to make every cake as unique as the child I am baking for.

My cakes do not contain emulsifiers, preservatives or trans fat and are baked at home with fresh ingredients.  My cakes are best eaten within 3 days of baking.

I hope you enjoy my creations and take a look at the photo gallery.